Schneider Hotel

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The Schneider Hotel is a ski-in ski-out family hotel located on the Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort Hikage Ski Area.

It is a short walk or ski to the Hikage Gondola Station, Kids Park and Japan Ski Museum.

To reach the main street of Nozawa Onsen, guests can use the moving walkway (Yu Road) from the Hikage ski area. After the ski resort is closed, a snow shuttle service is available between the hotel and the village.

There is a restaurant and a bar inside the hotel, so you can enjoy your day and night without going to the village.

Western Style Rooms

Western Suites include a kitchenette and private bathrooms making them ideal for families staying for extended periods.

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Japanese Style Rooms

The Japanese-style rooms are tatami rooms with a Western-style bed for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Toilets and shower rooms are shared. There are also Japanese-style men’s and women’s baths.

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